Don Jesus

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Don  Jesus

Don Jess, songwriter, producer and A&R man for Pardemonium Records.

Jess, born in San Severo, is an artist who bridges many musical styles.

Composing, arranging, recording, mixing and mastering tracks for other artists in a vast array of musical genres including rock, pop, avante acoustic, Jazz, hip-hop and R&B has enabled Jess to further hone and expand his distinct signature sound.

Extra credit: Don Jess has collaborated with best composer and big artist. Jess composed music for more people by unknow star to famous artist and performed them with the owner sounds.... He worked with some labels records.

Producer, songwriter and multi - instrumentalist. Over three decades since its heyday, Don Jess's his recording history, It changed the course of pop record producing and produced some of rock's best loved music.

Don Jess is a very popular composer and record producer having worked with ThePMS, la gatta la volpe e il lupo mannaro and CatsNdogs.

Don has co-written & produced "Non bussare alla mia porta" for ThePMS's first album, which was released in January 2000.

Jess produced the new ThePMS' singles "45 Giri" the cd was recorded and mixed at his own studio in Milano in the Italy.

Don Jess grew up in Milano, then moved Lucera and Milan to study guitar in the late 1960s. Don's 1967 debut.  He toured Europe and began recording in the early 1970s, and his first album, in line was released in 1982.

Since then Jess has released more than a dozen recordings that defy easy categorization. Often called a free guitarist, Don's original compositions reflect influences from Elvis Presley, chuck Berry and Shadows to The Beatles, Rollings Stones and Jimi Hendrix.

He has also recorded his own versions of songs by BB King and Conway Twitty, as well as folk, blues and jazz.